Who You Callin’ Small? There is NOTHING SMALL about running your own business

I have never been a fan of the label “small business”.  Why?  Because there is NOTHING SMALL about running your own business!  I know, I know, it’s used to refer to the size of the business in terms of sales and employees; but I really prefer calling us “unique businesses”.  In my own experience with Noe Valley Bakery, running a successful business is a 7-day-a-week job and it takes a team of dedicated employees working tirelessly and staying motivated to keep it successful.  Even after 20 years, we all are fighting hard to stay fresh and interesting, and meet our customer’s needs.   Read more

Food Business Start Up Step by step guide to becoming a legal business in SF

A food business startup requires  unique approach. In San Francisco this can sometimes be a daunting part of any business plan. Many food entrepreneurs start by cooking in their home.  When they come to me, often their first question is, “How do I get my business legal in San Francisco?”  This answer should be easy, but it isn’t.  Many of our government websites have so much content that it is hard to decipher exactly what pertains to your exact situation. Creative business ideas require smart business planning to spur business growth.

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