Financial Management – Why You Can’t Delegate It 100% Control What Is Most Important

One thing that I see over and over as a food business consultant is most food entrepreneurs hate doing their finances. Most would love to delegate financial management of their business that deal with money and spreadsheets to someone else, so they can simply focus on creating.

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Analyze Your P&L Find Your “Money Leak”

Welcome to the first installment of my series “Where’s My Money Going?”.  I’m using strategic management and looking into why my profitability at Noe Valley Bakery has gone down since June 2015 and I’m sharing my process with you in the hopes that it will help you increase your business profits as well. This series will show your how to Analyze Your P&L and become a successful food business owner.

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Monthly Inventory Is Key Inventory Gives Financial Clarity For Your Food Business

Here’s the third installment of my series Where’s My Money Going? In this series, I am finding the money leaks at my artisan food business, Noe Valley Bakery and patching them up.  I am documenting my process so you can join me in examining your own business and keep more of your profits in your pocket.

In the first installment, I focused on comparing two months—one that was profitable, and one that wasn’t.  In the second installment, I taught you how to use subcategories on your P&L to create reports that give you more information when there is a problem. In this installment I will show you another tool to make your Profit and loss tell you everything you need to know without having to do extra research. Read more