Taking a Break Clear your mind and renew focus

Food business management sometimes can feel that in order to move things ahead, you need to work harder. If you just sit at the desk longer and your list of to-do’s completed, you will be better off. Recently, I have been feeling that way; I have been striving to make everything work…to make it better. I have been reading blogs, gathering advice, making lists, writing and gathering content, losing sleep, removing your money blocks, and trying to force things ahead. I thought that if I applied myself enough, the answers would come to me because I had momentum on my side. I became overwhelmed. I also hear the same thing from my clients -they get overwhelmed and can’t move their ideas forward.

The problem with overwhelm is that you can’t see through it. I knew perfectly well what I needed to accomplish -create my new workshop, finish my tax workbook for my CPA, do the City health care ordinance paperwork, write blog posts, write for the Noe Valley Bakery website, finish my client’s budget… and on and on. The problem is that all I wanted to do was procrastinate. Almost everything was being pushed into the future; a future when I was feeling up to the task. And, of course, that made me feel overwhelmed! A vicious circle.

Take a break

What I really needed was a break. I needed to step off the treadmill for a minute and get a bit of perspective. I needed to quiet my life down, get out of my routine so I could think… So, I took a few days and went on vacation with my husband. We went out of town and roamed around for three days reconnecting with each other and leaving our routine behind. We then spent two very high quality days with a loving family that I have known since I was a child.


Can you guess what happened? I am getting unstuck! Today, I sat down on the train to begin my trip home and decided to plan my upcoming workshop called “Setting Up Your Business Finances”. Over the last few weeks whenever I had thought of that workshop, I felt a tightness – a squeeze that said that I didn’t have my curriculum set and I couldn’t finish it in time. Today, I sat down and the whole workshop became crystal clear and flowed out of my pen. In fact, I am going to need to pare it down because I think I have too much information to share for a 2.5 hour session!

The next time that a client tells me that they are procrastinating and overwhelmed I will remind myself of today and tell them to take a break -even if seems impossible because that will get the energy flowing again.