I am a food person. I live and breathe food, and I had to follow my heart (and belly) so that’s what I did. In the process, the food business chose me.

Dad…I’m going to work in a cheese shop.”

This is what I told my dad after graduating college with a degree in economics.All he could do was scratch his head because he couldn’t see how cheese would help me use the economic skills he’d just spent thousands of dollars for me to learn. The truth is cheese and economics did go hand in hand. From cheese to a variety of food based ventures, I came to be a successful business owner who is now on a mission to help YOU better understand your food business so you can grow and become more profitable.

If you aren’t looking at and understanding your numbers you can easily turn a simple problem with an easy solution into a nightmare. Your passion and your profits disappear while you’re hiding under the covers, and you end up like my client thinking, “maybe it’s time to just go get a job.”

That is not the answer! You are a food person. You are meant to do this.

With my support, my client created an effective, easy-to-use financial tracking system, which produces regular reports that allow her to not only see her numbers, but to use them to make necessary changes to improve and grow her business. She no longer runs from her numbers, she relies on them to run a more profitable and sustainable food business.

When you know your numbers, you master your business.

Do you know where your money is going? Do you understand how to control your cash flow? Are you generating daily and monthly financial reports? Do you know how to make them work for you rather than you working for them?

Sign up for a complimentary Food, Passion and Profit Session where I will help you develop a system to see your numbers as your best friend so they can tell you what you need to know and work for, not against, you.

Together we’ll create your signature recipe for success and Launch your food business to the next, more profitable level!