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Nuts and Bolts of Opening Our Second Bakery

Things have been progressing with our expansion of the Noe Valley Bakery to a second location. Last month I shared a bit about the process of getting our loan, and the options I discovered along the path of securing financing. But now, with the loan in the bank, our attention is turning from grand scale […]

Your Loan Your Way There is more than one way to get a loan.

Lately around Launch I have been in full-blown fundraising mode.  With a signed lease for the expansion of our bakery to a second location, Noe Valley Bakery West Portal, I’ve had to quickly get up to speed and figure out how we were going to fund the expansion. Over the past several weeks I have learned […]

When to Expand to a Second Location Look for these signs

Earlier this month I announced in my newsletter that Michael and I are expanding the Noe Valley Bakery to a second location in West Portal (a nearby San Francisco neighborhood)!   I am experiencing what I have seen so many of you as my clients experience: the rollercoaster of thrill and fear that comes with […]

Managing the Fear How to deal with the voice in your head

Often times when I sit down with a client who is growing their  business, expanding or trying new things, they are scared. They’re unsure if they’re making a huge mistake, they can’t sleep at night, or they’re having trouble focusing on their day-to-day tasks. Fear is such a real part of owning a food business.

Timecards and Payroll Services Document Your Employees Work Carefully

Maintaining good human resources practices is one of the keys to running a successful team. If you’re hiring for the first time, you’ll need to make sure you’ve completed new hire paperwork and started an employee file.   Once those two things are completed, it’s time to get your new employees on the clock! But a […]