Managing the Fear How to deal with the voice in your head

Often times when I sit down with a client who is growing their  business, expanding or trying new things, they are scared. They’re unsure if they’re making a huge mistake, they can’t sleep at night, or they’re having trouble focusing on their day-to-day tasks. Fear is such a real part of owning a food business.

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I Learned More From Failure Than Success Keys to Success in Business

This is a hard story to tell…

We all open our artisan food businesses to succeed.

Failure is not an option.

We fear that if we fail, no one will trust anything we do ever again.

We fear that no one will ever loan us money or fund our future projects.

We fear that if we fail at our artisan food business, we will lose everything.

So why am I so passionate about failure? Because, I have had a business fail.

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Get the Number of a Great Employment Attorney Prepare Yourself for the Worst Case Scenario

If you’re hiring people for the first time, it can be overwhelming or confusing to know what you need to do to have everything buttoned up. There’s new employee paperwork you need filled out, there’s employee files that need to be made, and you need time tracking and break policies.


But there’s one thing you won’t find on many small business HR check lists: getting the number of a good employment attorney

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