Timecards and Payroll Services Document Your Employees Work Carefully

Maintaining good human resources practices is one of the keys to running a successful team. If you’re hiring for the first time, you’ll need to make sure you’ve completed new hire paperwork and started an employee file.


Once those two things are completed, it’s time to get your new employees on the clock! But a very important cornerstone of your HR system is to have strict time keeping practices so you can generate accurate paychecks. You can’t fool around when it comes to documenting when your employee clocked into work and clocked out. It is very important that all the information be accurate, for both you and your employees. Having tight timekeeping practices allows you to be the most fair you can — you are only paying them for work done, and they are getting paid for all the work they complete. These best practices include keeping consistent break schedules, and ensuring they employees clock out when they take those breaks.

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