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Habits of Highly Profitable Food Businesses

Stop doing it alone! Learn from the best! In the video series, I will share what I have learned in the last 20 years in my own artisan business, Noe Valley Bakery, and share what I have seen in other financially successful food businesses.

A profitable food business is just around the corner!

In these videos, I will teach you how to set up the right habits, understand your numbers, delegate to the right people, and use technology to scale your system and ultimately keep more of your hard-earned money.

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Establish Your Business Systems

How you set up your business systems sets the direction of where your business can go. It is your road map and your foundation.  When you get the step-by-step support you need, you realize your full business potential.


Know and Own Your Numbers

When you know and own your numbers, you master your business. Creating an easy-to-use financial system allows you to focus your attention where it needs to be and profits grow naturally and with ease.


Grow Your Business

Once your business foundation is built you pave the way for growth and expansion.  You are free to focus on doing more of what you love by leveraging your time, resources, and energy to reach a bigger audience.


Make More Money

As an empowered entrepreneur with a strong business foundation you will not only make the money you deserve to make, you will create the life you want doing what you love to do.


“For any food business struggling to gain its footing, Mary’s experienced insights are invaluable. In short, she rearranged our messy finances into intelligible, usable information and helped us translate that information into action items. She showed us where improvements were needed, and made projections for our growth, giving us confidence where previously we had doubts. She works promptly, truly cares about her clients, and has a great bedside manner. I can’t recommend her enough — every business needs a Mary.”

Gabriela Centurion, Business Manager
Gabriela Centurion, Business ManagerDoc’s of the Bay

“Few things can be more intimidating than learning how to start a food business from scratch.  What seemed like a daunting task was made infinitely easier by Mary at Launch.  Her acute business acumen and “tell-it-like-it-is” approach helped keep my feet firmly planted on the ground, as we worked together to make the dream a reality.  Within a short ramp-up period, Mary brought me a sound business structure, straightforward financial planning and a lifetime of food business experiences; the quintessential combination for launching a fledgling business idea.”

Maroun Antoine Alsayah, Owner
Maroun Antoine Alsayah, OwnerCorniche

“Mary Gassen is a strong, competent and confident business women who quickly and effectively gets to the heart of the problem.  She is focused and efficient, we appreciated the fact that she values your time and will not waste a second.  Mary’s “bottom up” approach to our business has made us stronger, more knowledgeable business owners.  Mary’s talents at budgeting and projections, coupled with her first hand knowledge of retail operations have made her a strong asset that we have been so lucky to have with us.  She is a pleasure to work with and has made such a positive impact on our company so far and we look forward to working with her more in the future.”

Matt Kreutz, Owner
Matt Kreutz, OwnerFirebrand Artisan Bread

Mary Gassen is a wizard at getting businesses launched. She is the quickest of studies and hits the ground running day one for every project we have ever worked on together. Her depth of knowledge in the areas of business planning, finance, budgeting, government compliance, operational systems and operating controls is an invaluable resource. She knows how to listen and is an effective teacher.  On top of it all, she makes work a hell of a lot of fun.”

Stanley Morris, Managing Partner
Stanley Morris, Managing PartnerNolaluna

“Mary can accomplish in two hours what most people take a day to do. She is focused and gets to the heart of issues quickly. She has a natural sense for explaining numbers and financials in a straightforward manner. She is full of positive energy and is great at solving small business issues. I have worked with Mary for both nonprofit and for profit businesses. Mary is a team player and adds tremendous value to an organization.”

 Emily Luchetti, Executive Pastry Chef
Emily Luchetti, Executive Pastry ChefBig Night Restaurant Group

“Mary is a systems maven. She’s helped our business go from beginning stages, or grass roots operations to having some structure to the way we approach our business. If you’re just starting out, and feel like owning your business is getting overwhelming, Mary’s your guide to where and how to get more efficient.”

Sophie Davies & Jenni Heffernan Brown, Founders
Sophie Davies & Jenni Heffernan Brown, FoundersPrim’d Marketing
“Receiving Mary’s coaching and expert advice has been an empowering and inspiring experience. She helped me gain greater clarity with my numbers and in the process I discovered I’m actually doing better than I realized! She also coached me on creating a business plan that I’m excited to put into action. And it’s so true what they say about how what you focus on expands: my business – and my money flows – are already growing after my conversations with Mary!”
Megan Walrod, Copywriter & Business CoachLive Your Yes

“Mary inspires me to be my best. We met at a time when I needed someone to guide me and be my advocate. Her past life experiences have taught her invaluable lessons and she sincerely wants to set you up for success. She’s super smart, kind and focused.”

Jan Sweyer, OwnerWoodside Bakery and Cafe

After just a few sessions with Mary, I feel more empowered and in control of my business finances than ever before. Finances can actually be fun, who knew?!

Becca Piastrelli - The Dabblist
Becca Piastrelli - The Dabblist